Baroque wardrobe, mid-eighteenth century, around 1740/50 Elbląg?

Baroque wardrobe, vestibule, mid-18th century around 1740/50, Elbląg?
A hall wardrobe with a rim structure, with straight sides at the front, finished with a simple, richly profiled cornice, closed with two doors, with four drawers in the bottom panel, supported on five spherical legs with rings at the top. The whole thing is veneered with patterned veneer, inlaid and veined. The front is divided into two axes by three pilasters slightly protruding in front of the body, crowned with carved, richly decorated capitals, between which the door leaves with oval pseudo-panels, and the sides. The bottom rim repeats the outline of the body through protruding pilaster supports and recessed drawer faces. The bottom is wide, broken in the center and protruding to the front, with a small rectangular field framed by a profiled strip. The body and the bottom rim are decorated with polygonal cushions framed by profiled strips. Long, star-shaped cushions on the door leaves and drawer faces, door panels inlaid with ribbons and tulips. Four shelves inside.

Condition: original, very good, after conservative maintenance, full documentation

Origin; Central Europe Elbląg?

Construction; pine, oak, walnut and mahogany veneers

Dimensions: length 190 cm, width 75 cm, height 198 cm.

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