Clock in the Boulle type, with a console, 19th century 101 cm

Clock in the Boulle type, with a console, 19th century 101 cm
On 4 bent legs with a turtle motif, with a sumptuous, cello-shaped wooden cabinet, glazed on three sides, covered with tortoiseshell marquetry and brass sheet cut with flower motifs and stylized floral-geometric patterns. At the front, a glass door closed with an arch, in a frame with a palmette and rose pattern; at the bottom, an openwork bronze overlay with a pomegranate against the background of acanthus leaves. Along the edge of the casing, browns with acanthus and rocaille are applied. The top of the 4-slope canopy in the form of a Fame figure. The shield visible through the glass door - on a copper plate. It has a bronze shield with Roman numerals marking the hours, navy blue on the applied, white enamel badges, and in the outer ring - Arabic numerals, black on smaller tags indicating the minutes. The rear door is wooden, blackened on the outside, on the inside covered with marquetry with floral and geometric motifs. Mechanism with ankra escapement, between two thick brass plates connected by pillars; on the outer plate, at the bottom, the inscription: "Colin A PARIS"; Paris system for chiming hours and half hours; steel bell bowl.
The console is decorated, just like the clock, with a marquetry with an axial, floral and geometric pattern, with a crowned heart in the center of the front wall. Along the edge below the acanthus, checkered and rocaille overlays. At the bottom - acanthus.
Material: wood, tortoiseshell, brass, gilded bronze
Total dimensions of the clock with the console - height 101 cm,
Origin: France, 19th century, Colin a Paris
Condition: working mechanism,
Condition: The housing has small defects and fragments of marquetry

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